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The use of unmanned controlled aircraft (drones)

08 Jan 2019

The latest amendments to the regulatory framework governing public relations in the field of civil aviation will be subject to a fine that permits an unmanned controlled aircraft (dron) to be ...

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Establishment and transfer of a right to build according to BU law

06 Jan 2019

Upgrading and extension of a condominium building is allowed on the basis of a contract for the establishment of the right to upgrade or addition with the co-owner of the regulated landed property in ...

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Discrimination on the grounds of a personal situation

28 Dec 2018

Our supreme judges find that in order for there to be a violation of the Protection against Discrimination Act, it is necessary for the factual actions on the alleged treatment to be subjected to the ...

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Revocation of a decision of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission

16 Dec 2018

According to our established case law, it can be concluded that the decision taken by the Supreme Administrative Court and in force, which repealed an individual administrative act, has retroactive ...

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Costs before a private enforcement agent

15 Dec 2018

The enforcement process is a set of enforcement actions, each legally charged. The costs are paid in advance by the creditor and the debtor has the corresponding obligation to recover them. The ...

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Power of Attorney for Real Estate

30 Nov 2018

According to the practice of the Supreme Court of Cassation  with Interpretive decision 5/2014 of 12.12.2016 of the Supreme Court of Cassation are given mandatory instructions on the ...

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How to condemn condominium to make repairs

04 Nov 2018

With regard to the more frequent case in the case of an urgent need for repair (the roof space) and the lack of desire of the other co-owners, according to legal theory and our judicial practice, our ...

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The Cyber ​​Security Act

03 Nov 2018

Parliament adopted Cyber ​​Security Act at second reading in order to transpose the European Parliament and Council Directive (EU) 2016/1148 of 6 July 2016 on measures for a high level of ...

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Marriage contract

01 Nov 2018

It should be noted, both in the legal theory and in the jurisprudence of our supreme judges, in the new Family Code / from 23.06.2009, in force 01.10.2009 / there is no explicit provision ...

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Restitution of property owners

31 Oct 2018

Compensation against expropriated real estate should, as a rule, be made with an equivalent property. This is the principle established by the Constitutional Court. Our supreme judges report that the ...

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