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Mortgage. Kinds. Registration.

17 May 2019

According to the type of legal fact from which the mortgage law arises, we distinguish between two types of mortgage - legal and contractual. The object of the mortgage, whether contractual or legal, ...

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Choice at retirement

04 May 2019

Until 1 January 2023, at the same time as applying for a pension related to employment with a starting date after 31 December 2018, the person is entitled to choose the amount of his or her pension ...

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Crime and social justice

25 Mar 2019

According to the established in BU jurisprudence, the human person, life and health are undoubtedly supreme values, the assault against which requires a strict reaction, the practical ...

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The contract on internet

24 Mar 2019

Boldly and categorically entering the new challenges posed by our social and economic life and the rapid development of modern technology, it is increasingly necessary to conclude contracts via ...

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Settlement of property relations between ex-spouses

20 Mar 2019

Since the divorce agreement, approved by the divorce court, stipulates that the property acquired during the marriage remains joint with each other without expressly indicating the extent of their ...

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The act of discrimination and the responsibility of the Court

04 Mar 2019

In connection with the interpretative decree № 1/2016 of 16.01.2019 on interpretative case No 1/2016 on the inventory of the Supreme Court of Cassation General Assembly of the Civic College of the ...

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Тhe nullity of the employment contract

23 Feb 2019

1. The base for invalidity. According to the Labor Code (LC) the grounds for invalidity of the employment contract are: - Disagreement with the law - it occurs when the individual employment ...

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Compensation of property owners in cases where the restoration of ownership is impossible

11 Feb 2019

Compensation against expropriated real estate should normally become equivalent property. This is the principle established by the Constitutional Court. Our Supreme Judges report that the Law on the ...

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The participation of the witnesses in the pre-trial or before the court

21 Jan 2019

The witness is an extremely important participant in the criminal proceedings, both in cases of general nature and in cases that are prosecuted on the complaint of the victim. Witnesses are ...

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Postponement of a court date due to illness

19 Jan 2019

In order to limit the negative and delaying litigation, which until recently was quite relevant in the field of temporary incapacity, Art. 18, para. 2 of the Ordinance on Medical Examination / ...

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