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Examination of serious road accidents

19 Aug 2019

The new regulation deals with serious road accidents (road accidents) admitted by drivers who have acquired a two-year driving license and drivers of public transport vehicles or passenger and ...

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Hooliganism is a deliberate crime

06 Aug 2019

The case law is adamant that in order to commit the crime of hooliganism, it is necessary to prove that the perpetrator committed his actions through actions and not through inactions, that the ...

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Is it a shared land that falls within the boundaries of a common development plan?

05 Aug 2019

Our High Judges recall that in Art. 72 of the Law of Inheritance and in Art. 200 of the Law on the Regulated Territory have been introduced, through requirements for minimum sizes, spatial criteria, ...

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Features in the field of real estate expropriation

03 Aug 2019

Where no compensation has been paid and the procedure for alienation of street real estate has not been completed and the property has remained in the owners' patrimonium, then the unpaid benefits ...

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Liability of the municipality for damages

02 Aug 2019

The Supreme Court of Cassation answered the substantive question on the application of Art. 49 of the Obligations and Contracts Act: "is the municipality liable for the damage caused to a pedestrian ...

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Certificate of tolerance

12 Jul 2019

According to Section 16 of the Transitional Provisions of the Spatial Development Act, constructions constructed until April 7, 1987, for which there are no construction papers but were eligible ...

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The rehabilitation

11 Jul 2019

The rehabilitation deletes the conviction and revokes its negative consequences in the future unless the law expressly provides otherwise. The legal regulation is in the Criminal Code. The most ...

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Parental rights

10 Jul 2019

This is a very common and pressing issue nowadays. The issue of custody may arise in: -Divorce -Actual separation -Deprivation of parental rights of one or both spouses. Exercising parental ...

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Notification of Early Charge ability

09 Jul 2019

Question: Is the duly notified by the creditor of the early payment of a claim under a bank credit contract can be incorporated in a voluntary request to the debtor and the guarantor or in the ...

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Аbout communication with monopolists

22 Jun 2019

Notification under Art. 47 CPC and your follow-up. It is reported that court papers are left in the court's office. Their receipt from there must be completed within 2 weeks after the notification ...

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