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Dr. Konstantin Stoilov, one of the founders of the first Law on Lawyers in Bulgaria in 1888, stated that for lawyers: “... first moral qualities are required, then mental ones. Moral, because the lawyer is entrusted with the estates and honor of the people, it depends on them to save or simplify them, and finally - he is entrusted with such secrets that if he is dishonest, he can harm his clients and society, as well as the court '.

Given the above and especially the fact that in our modern relations a number of human values ​​are threatened with extinction or humiliation, law firm "Tinchev and Partners" operates in order to provide modern, adaptive and quality legal protection and assistance to its local and foreign clients in various spheres of socio-economic life.
Based on the currently created specific conditions, such as an office with accumulated professional / theoretical and practical / experience, it specializes as follows:


Using the accumulated knowledge, skills and international experience Tinchev law firm guarantees the necessary efficiency and expertise to provide timely and quality legal and administrative services.

24-hour legal services for detainees and victims of domestic violence and sexual offenses.

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