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1. You are not required to answer questions.
This information can be very useful to you as a witness. According to Art. 121, para. 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure "The witness is not obliged to testify on questions the answers of which would condemn him, his ascending, descending, brothers, sisters or spouse or with whom he is in fact cohabitation." There is also a case law for this fact  / Decision No 59 of 17.02.2012, on case No. 100/2012 of the Supreme Court of Cassation / . Also, you can only be arrested as a defendant or a suspect, this cannot happen as a witness.

2. Witnessing is not punishable if you act as an accused or a suspect. You do not need to be caught in a crime.
The Bulgarian court is adamant on this issue / Decision No. 284 of 20 June 1979 on Case No. 269/79,of the Supreme Court of Cassation /.

3. Not admitted to prison on the basis of confession, these claims must be proved by the police.
/ Decision No. 4 of 17 January 1996 on Case No. 771/95, of the Supreme Court of Cassation /

4. You may not answer questions that are not specifically and clearly asked. It is the responsibility of the investigator to ask the questions in a clear and understandable way, not of the "What do you know about that job" kind of thing. This rule is clearly stated in Art. 138, para. 5 of the CCP.

5. A search without a warrant may be made only when you are detained, or if there is conclusive evidence that you are hiding an object that is the object of a crime. That is, if you are stopped for a routine car check, the police have no right to ask you to open the trunk, for example without these reasons. If you are searched improperly, it will have no weight in court. /Decision No. 164 of December 22, 2016 under case No. 590/2016 of the Supreme Court of Cassation/