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Determining the concentration of alcohol in the blood while driving

23 Nov 2021

In our case law it is permanently accepted that driving after the use of narcotic substances or their analogues always endangers the degree of public danger of such an event, which is why it is ...

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Children can refuse an inheritance

01 Nov 2021

It is admissible to renounce an inheritance on behalf of a minor heir, respectively a minor heir to renounce an inheritance with the consent of his parent or guardian, as the renunciation of ...

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Conditions to exclude a partner from an association

22 Oct 2021

The basic position in the doctrine and case law is that a partner can be excluded only on the grounds explicitly stated in the law. It follows from this that it is inadmissible in the statutes of any ...

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Тhe agreement and an unfair clause in the main contract.

16 Sep 2021

According to the legal doctrine, the agreement is a bilateral remunerative contract by which the parties terminate an existing dispute or avoid a possible dispute by making mutual concessions. The ...

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Protection against penalty in school

08 Sep 2021

Although not a common practice and not popular with the public, the punishment imposed on students at school can be challenged. First of all, it should be noted what penalties can be imposed on ...

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The time range for the right to buy an ideal part of co-owned property sold with a preliminary contract?

18 Jul 2021

The right of redemption arises in the presence of the following prerequisites: 1. to have ordinary share co-ownership over real estate; 2. actual transaction - sale, with subject ideal part of the ...

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Change of the employment relationship. Form. Use of paid leave.

24 May 2021

During the existence of the employment relationship, changes may occur, the consequences of which are reflected for each of the parties to the employment contract. The main principle with which the ...

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The employer's requirements for education are not grounds for dismissal

31 Mar 2021

The grounds under Article 328, paragraph 1, item 6 of the Labor Code, for termination of the employment contract is a new legal fact that can occur only in a valid employment contract. The service of ...

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Legal regime of bitcoin

19 Mar 2021

In recent years, the so-called cryptocurrency Bitcoin has become very popular around the world and in Bulgaria. The growing market penetration has, of course, brought with it many questions. With ...

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Retribution of the heir with a reserved part

17 Feb 2021

In legal theory and case law, there is no dispute that the word property in Art. 31 of the Inheritance Act "In order to determine the available part, as well as the amount of the reserved part of ...

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