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Buying an ideal part of shared ownership?

14 Sep 2022

It is applied only in cases of the sale of a share of co-owned real estate, when a person who has a share in co-owned property wishes to sell his share to a third party, who in turn is not a ...

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Рegarding decrees on the assignment of real estate and their cancellation

30 Aug 2022

Тhe public sale of immovable property is a derivative method of acquiring the right of ownership / art. 496 of the Civil Code/. The procedure begins with the imposition of a foreclosure on the ...

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Regarding our possibilities to be able to appeal a construction contract over BGN 5,000 before the last judicial instance - the Supreme Court of Cassation.

31 Jul 2022

The mentioned possibility derives from the decision adopted by the General Assembly of the Civil and Commercial Colleges of the Supreme Court that a case with subject legal relations arising from a ...

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Peculiarities in determining the amount of compensation for non-pecuniary damage in traffic accidents?

28 May 2022

According to the long-standing and consistent practice in our country, the fair amount of compensation in this case implies that the country helps the court to find the exact monetary equivalent of ...

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The preconditions for changing the charge

25 Apr 2022

An amendment is admissible only when the new circumstances were not known to the body of the pre-trial proceedings. They must have been established for the first time in the judicial investigation. ...

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Regarding the lack of preclusion for evidence before the appellate court

20 Apr 2022

In resolving the dispute over the exercise of parental rights over minor children in divorce, the court should take into account a number of circumstances of various kinds, the most important of ...

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Challenging paternity

12 Mar 2022

According to Article 61 of the Family Code, the mother's husband is considered the father of the child born during the marriage or before the expiration of three hundred days from its ...

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07 Jan 2022

In connection with the frequent cases of legal protection and assistance from the office of citizens who have suffered within the meaning of the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence, we should ...

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Dismissal of pensioners under Art. 69 of the Social Security Code / SSC /

05 Jan 2022

In connection with the frequent inquiries to the law firm regarding the possibility for termination of the official legal relationship of the persons who have exercised their right to pension by the ...

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Determining the concentration of alcohol in the blood while driving

23 Nov 2021

In our case law it is permanently accepted that driving after the use of narcotic substances or their analogues always endangers the degree of public danger of such an event, which is why it is ...

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