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In 2020, the minimum wage is increased from BGN 560 to BGN 610, but the maximum social security income for all insured persons remains unchanged - BGN 3000. At the same time, the minimum social security income for farmers and tobacco growers is increased from 400 The amount of the minimum daily unemployment benefit is 9 BGN, as well as the daily maximum amount of 74.29 BGN. The cash benefit for raising a child up to 2 years of age remains unchanged - 380 BGN. also resizes the lump sum in case of death of an insured person - BGN 540. The payment regime for cash benefits for temporary incapacity for work is maintained, with the first 3 days being paid by the employer at the rate of 70% of the average daily gross remuneration, and from the fourth day it is paid by the NSSI in the amount of at 80% of average daily gross earnings. For the days of the persons who are on unpaid leave, the health insurance from the employer is increased by more than BGN 305, and for the days of the persons in temporary disability due to sickness, pregnancy and childbearing, the health insurance is due at 610 The period of payment of cash compensation for pregnancy and childbirth is 410 days. The Pensions Fund Contribution Rate at 2019 Level remains unchanged: for those born before December 31, 1959, including -19.8 percent, and for those born after December 31, 1959 - 14.8 percent. There is no change in the ratio between insurers and insured persons. Contributions to the Guaranteed Employee Claims Fund will not be paid for 2020. The maximum amount of guaranteed claims is increased compared to the past 2019. From BGN 1,400 to BGN 1,525. According to the changes made to the Social Security Code, the documents that employers must keep in the workers' work file and provide on request are: - to keep for 50 years from January 1 of the reporting year period following the reporting period to which they relate, payroll, employment contracts, supplementary agreements, appointment orders, supplementary agreements / re-appointment orders, unpaid leave orders totaling more than 30 working days in one calendar of the year, orders for termination of employment or service relationship; the documents are kept in accordance with the procedure specified in the Law on the National Archival Fund; - at the request of an insured person or his representative, to issue, for a period of 14 days, free of charge documents for periods of service and / or insurance income and / or category of work for periods prior to 1 January 2000; - at the request of the officials of the insurance company, to issue, within 14 days, free of charge documents for insurance service and / or insurance income, and / or category of work of the insured persons with it, as well as to certify facts and circumstances related to it with such documents;
The required retirement age and length of service for all categories of work, by gender, age and length of service are increasing: for men, 64 years and 3 months and OS 38 years and 10 months, and for women - 61 years and 6 months and OS 35 years and 10 months
The minimum amount of the pension for years of service and old age increases by 13.93%: from January 1 to June 30 to BGN 219.43 and from July 1 to December 31 - BGN 250.