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Road accident - compensation

In connection with the changed lifestyle and above all the possibility, rather, the increased pportunity for faster movement, poses a number of issues related to the realization and exercise of our rights and legitimate interests on this plane. How victims of road accidents can get compensation under Motor Third Party Liability insurance is a question many people are looking for.

Immediately after an accident has occurred, the injured person needs to be properly directed to claim compensation. Road warfare, damage, injuries, and death bring enormous losses to the individual, the families, and society as a whole. Every participant in a road accident can lose for a fraction of a second life, health, means, time, future plans. Greater ethics, respect, foresight, shared responsibility for reducing violations and mistakes that lead to damage to the human body are necessary.
The greatest number of road accidents have been recorded due to excessive and inadequate speed. Following are the wrong maneuvers and a sudden change in direction; improper overtaking and entry into the crossbar, non-observance of distance. However, when a road accident occurs, victims have rights that they can and should exercise. All victims, as well as their heirs, have rights in the criminal process. Where there is a personal injury or death, pre-trial proceedings are instituted and the victims have the right to be informed of their rights, to be protected and secure both for themselves and for their relatives, to be informed in a timely manner of the course of the criminal proceedings , have a lawyer with a proven track record in the field.
COMPENSATION in result of  accident is the amount paid for pain and suffering suffered as well as for material damage, such as costs of treatment, medicines or rehabilitation. Everyone who has suffered damage as a result of crash (including the heirs of a deceased person), with the exception of the guilty driver, is entitled to such compensation.
In the case of an accident caused by a foreign person with a Third Party Liability insurance with a foreign insurer (eg a green card); or in the case of an accident occurring in the territory of another country where a Bulgarian citizen has been injured, compensation is paid by the National Bureau of Bulgarian Motor Insurers.
The activity of Tinchev Law Firm effectively protects the interests of people injured as a result of a traffic accident, not only by agreement with the insurer, which is only a part of the mandatory efforts. If necessary, a civil case is filed in addition to the amount received under the agreement in order to obtain the maximum compensation.