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Postponement of the lawsuit due to illness

To limit the negative and slow to litigation, which was until recently quite topical in the field of temporary disability was created art. 18, para. 2 of the Ordinance on medical expertise / Adopted with Decree № 87 of 05.05.2010 /. which explicitly states that "In certain home ambulatory or idle mode, the insured shall, if necessary, to appear before the investigating authorities and the authorities of the judiciary during the permits sick leave unless presented" medical certificate "in form approved by the Minister of health and Minister of Justice, which noted that the disease face prevents appearance before the investigating authorities and the authorities of the judiciary " .

Thus hospital sheet face / lawyer, defendant, accused / prevented from attending a court hearing should be applied medical certificate, which explicitly states that the disease does not allow the person to appear before the investigating authorities or the judiciary power. Guaranteeing the legislature has accepted that the medical certificate should be issued not by a doctor but by medical commission, hoping that this would create more obstacles to unscrupulous person decided unreasonably delayed and delayed the progress of the case.
In this case, having either / accused, defendant or lawyer / to carry the review ready printed form to provide filling:

A copy of the duly completed certificate along with a copy of the hospital sheet is sent to the competent court accompanied by a request for an adjournment with the idea for the court to respect him and set the case for the next date, despite the protests of the other participants in the proceedings.