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Buying and selling property - documents

I. Individuals.

1. Documents setting out the ownership of the seller:

  • deed;
  • sales contract signed under the State Property Regulations Act, the Municipal Property Act or state ownership of state or municipal property / if concluded after 01.06.1996 year must be entered in the Registry Office in the respective district court;
  • judgment of art. 19, para. H of the Obligations and Contracts, which a preliminary agreement was declared final / should be entered in the Registry Office in the respective regional court /;
  • provision by a bailiff award of a property at a public auction / should be entered in the Registry Office in the respective regional court /;
  • аgreement on a voluntary division or forensic spogoditelen protocol division of property;
  • certificate of inheritance / if the persons mentioned in the document of title, died /;
  • мarriage  сertificate / when selling a home, which is community property / certificate from the Registry Office for the selected mode of community property between spouses;
  • judgment of divorce, accompanied by a decision in case the partition between the former spouses;
  • a declaration by the husband-nesobstvenik of art. 23 of the Family Code that agrees with the sale / disposal of property when, exclusive property of one spouse, which, however, is the only family housing /; notarial will, handwritten testament / registered in the Registry Office, if announced after 01.01.2001 / accompanied by a certificate of inheritance and proof of ownership of the testator.

2. Declaration of consent to the sale of art. 33 of the Property act / co-owner of a refusal to redeem its proposed common parts of the property /.

3. Declaration of renunciation of the right of use if the primary deed has maintained or established such a right / declaration must be notarized and registered in the Registry Office to the appropriate District Court /.

4. Certificate for lack of restitution claims / when the subject of the transaction is a property rebuilt restitution laws /.

5. Evidence that the property is excluded from the register as municipal and state / when the property was state or municipal property /.

6. Current sketch of the property issued by the Geodesy, cartography and cadastre agency /AGCC / under approved cadastral map and cadastral register / or municipal technical service on his whereabouts - when transferring ownership of land or land.

7. Scheme of the property issued by the AGCC / under approved cadastral map and cadastral register / - when transferring ownership of private property in a building.

8. Current property tax assessment issued at the request of the owners of the tax office at the location of the property.

9. Privacy nationality and civil status according to Art. 25, para. 7 Notaries and Notarial Practice Act /NNPA/ - to be completed by all participants in the transaction - sellers and buyers.

10. Privacy obligations to the state form of the Treasury, pursuant to Art. 264, para. 1 Tax and Social-Insurance Procedure Code /TSIPC / completed in 2 copies from sellers /. If any party not present at signing the deal, and is represented by an attorney, declarations under p. 2, 3, 9 and 10 must be notarized.

11. Certificate of art. 87 TSIPC that the person does not owe taxes and insurance / impersonating transactions with the registration of a mortgage on the property /.

12. Notarized power of attorney / if the transaction is through a proxy / in which the principal has identified specific property subject to the transaction.

13. Identity papers of the parties to the transaction.

14. Receipts, receipts, deposit slips and payment orders paid taxes owed by the parties to the transaction.

II. "Ltd": - must submit the following documents:

  • current status certificate (valid up to 6 months);
  • decision of the governing body under statute has the right to dispose of property of the company;
  • notarized proxies to persons who are authorized to sign the deal.

Legal assistance in purchasing - the presence of a Tinchev law firm in negotiations with the seller is required. The service includes activities as follows;

  • check the property;
  • check the documentation of the property.
  • removing all documents requested by the bank, by the standards of the bank itself / weights, sketches, tax assessments and others. /
  • preparation of a preliminary agreement for the purchase and sale.