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To buy a vehicle, you must have a written agreement with the seller with notarized signatures.

The seller may be not only an individual but also a legal entity. In this hypothesis, you need to know the following:

You can also buy it from a person under full or limited disability, but in this case I will need to agree with his legal representative.
You can also negotiate with another person authorized by the seller.
This person may have:

general power of attorney, which enables him to carry out any transactions with the seller's property;
or an explicit power of attorney, stating that the person may conduct disposition transactions with the particular vehicle, and that power of attorney must indicate the data of the vehicle that allows it to be identified indisputably.

Your signature and that of the seller, as parties to the contract, must be notarized.

This can happen to any notary in the country, no matter what his area of ​​activity.


When you purchase a vehicle, you pay a local tax of% of the sales price or motor insurance value, whichever is higher. The percentage is determined by an ordinance of the municipal council for each municipality. You, as the buyer, have to pay it, but you can negotiate with the seller, e.g. to divide the amount. You can file your tax with your permanent address and you can make the payment in one of the following ways:

in cash at the municipal offices, local taxes and fees;
cashless by bank transfer to the respective account.
IMPORTANT! In case the fee is not paid in advance, notaries, in order to facilitate their clients, accept the amount and deposit it on behalf of the receiver.
IMPORTANT: You do not owe tax if the vehicle you are buying is not registered in the country.

Before appearing to the notary as a party to the contract, you must have prepared the following documents:

the contract - it can be prepared by us with the buyer, and the notary can offer you a draft of such;
our identity documents;
car registration certificate of the 1st and 2nd part (big and small coupon);
car insurance certificate (issued by each insurance broker);
vehicle tax payment document;
if the vehicle you are buying is owned by two spouses and only one of them is the notary, he / she must submit a notarized declaration from the other where explicit consent to the sale of the vehicle has been given - here also required a copy of the marriage certificate;
if a legal representative is involved - an act for birth of a minor, a minor, an act for establishing guardianship / guardianship of a forbidden person;
a power of attorney with a notarized signature if I negotiate with a seller's proxy;
seller's declaration that there are no outstanding public state and municipal receivables (provided by the notary);
Certificate of tax paid on the vehicle, as if the seller paid the tax by the end of the year, I will owe payment from the beginning of the next.

You appear before the notary public and present the documents. He then takes the necessary steps to confess the transaction:

Checks your identity as a party to the transaction, as well as your credentials, if any. This is important, as there are not many frauds by persons who forged a power of attorney who sells vehicles that do not belong to them.
It reviews the documents we provide and makes sure that the seller is the owner.
Checks that the vehicle you are acquiring is not subject to security measures under the State forfeiture of property acquired by criminal activity, such as theft, fraud, extortion, misappropriation, money laundering, criminal offenses, trafficking of drugs.
Checks whether local tax has been paid.
If any of you do not speak Bulgarian, a translator is provided.
You sign the contract and the notary certifies them or, if we have signed the contract in advance, we confirm that the signed signatures are ours.
The notary certifies your signatures by affixing a certificate (stamp) on the contract and signing it.
The notarized contract is returned to you.
IMPORTANT! The notary may refuse to certify our signatures, but it must be motivated. You can appeal to the District Court within 7 days.

To perform the service you pay the notary the due notary fee.