Online lawyer

TINCHEV Law firm /TLF/ provide consultations and full legal defense in the field of your due / non-due / invoice / from the so-called. MONOPOLISTS - HEAT - ENERGY SUPPLY, SOFIA WATER AND MOBILE OPERATORS, according to the provisions of the national legislation in force and the international treaties to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

The main directions are in the activity of :

  • clarifying the rights and conditions of citizens, depending on the possibilities provided by the legal framework and the specific case;
  • giving recommendations on the procedures and necessary documents to solve the problems in the correct and effective way.

TLF is goin to prepare and provide the necessary legal protection in the respective industries by carrying out the following activities:

  • preparing and submitting inquiries to the respective MONOPOLIST regarding the submitted applications and documents;
  • providing the necessary correspondence with the authorities of the MONOPOLIST in the cases of non-fulfillment of their obligations;
  • providing the necessary legal protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the clients of the law firm when preparing COMPLAINTS AND LAWSUIT against MONOPOLISTS;
  • conducting legal proceedings for the extinction of limitation obligations through the District Heating Company

TLF provide the necessary assistance to the citizens for the protection of their rights and property interests before the judges in the cases of enforcement cases by MONOPOLISTS.