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Administrative law

Tinchev Law firm /TLF/ can provide protection against unlawful administrative acts. Consultation and procedural representation under the Law on Spatial Planning, Agricultural Producers Assistance Act, Law on the management of European Structural Funds and Investment Funds, representation before the relevant bodies and institutions, in court cases - on imposed financial corrections, issued administrative acts, etc.

  • Protection is ensured by filing a complaint in a strict procedural form before a higher administrative authority or directly before the court. Very important is that the unlawfulness and expedience of the administrative act can be disputed administratively, and that the content of a document may be challenged in this way.
  • Judicial - where there is a need for a lawyer, only the possibility of challenging the unlawfulness of the administrative act remains open.
  • Clients have the right to know that the time limits for filing a complaint against an unlawful administrative act are terminated and their omission leads to extinction of the right of appeal. In this regard, it should be remembered that the administrative acts are challenged within 14 days of their notification and when there is an implied refusal - the term is one month from the expiry of the term in which the administrative body was obliged to pronounce.
  • An administrative act may be replaced or voided by an administrative act, respectively, before the administrative body or a court, and the company may assist in reaching an agreement. It is permissible to join the claim for compensation with the annulment or proclamation of the nullity of the administrative.
  • The law provides for an alternative possibility, that the claim for compensation can be claimed after the void of the administrative act by the appropriate order or together with the contestation of the administrative act.