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Property and legal support related to them

Tinchev Law Firm is closely specialized in the field of property ownership. Our long experience in the real estate field allows us to correctly and expeditiously determine the most appropriate policies of our clients in the field of property.

The mentioned actions consist of:

  • We carry out legal expertise on documents defining the property status of the site.
  • We develop drafts for contracts and other legal documents related to privatization, purchase, sale, mortgages and other operations.
  • We protect the client's interests before the court in resolving disputes relating to violation of the right to use, possession,  recognition of transactions with void rights and partition action.
  • Representation and assistance to a notary.
  • Conduct actions to condemn condominiums to perform repairs under the law
  • Impact in order to solve the problems encountered in defining the boundaries of real estate and assisting the Geodesy, cartography and cadastre agency /GCCA/.
  • Procedural representation before the administrative courts in connection with the settlement of questions on the issuing of GCCА akts.
  • Legal protection and assistance in resolving the procedure for acquiring the right of ownership under circumstantial verification.