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Family law and personal relationships

As a result of the accumulated experience and specialization, Tinchev law firm offers consulting and procedural representation in:

  • marriage contracts;
  • divorce by mutual consent and by common order of action;
  • proprietary property claims after divorce;
  • claims for a larger proportion of the assets acquired during the marriage;
  • the initial determination of maintenance, as well as its compulsory collection;
  • a dispute over parental rights;
  • the regime of personal relations between parents and children;
  • replacing the parent's consent with a court decision - when a child is taken out of the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • limitation and deprivation of parental rights in the cases provided for by the law;
  • establishing or challenging the origin of a child - contesting paternity, recognition, bringing actions for fathers'establishment of origin;
  • full and incomplete adoption;
  • cases for increase of initial maintenance;
  • protection and assistance in domestic violence;
  • placing under guardianship;
  • name change, etc.