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Domestic violence

In many cases, the poor relations between the partners are accompanied by physical, mental and even sexual violence, and many of the victims of violence are not aware of the broad possibilities of protection offered by the Law on Protection against Domestic Violence, new forms of emotional and economic violence.
Often, violence takes place in the presence of children, which greatly injures them. It is to be known that any domestic violence committed in his presence is considered to be a psychological and emotional violence against a child. At the same time, protection against violence can be sought not only against a spouse or partner with whom you live on marital grounds but also against a wide range of relatives. Demonstrating cases of domestic violence is facilitated and the abuser can be convicted even in the absence of eyewitnesses. Unfortunately, this is sometimes used by the alleged victims of violence who bring cases, pursuing other purposes. In that case, I offer protection to the defendants in the cases.
Law firm AT is specialized in providing legal assistance in the field of domestic violence. Subject to the principles of complete confidentiality and protection of our clients' interests, we offer you:

  • Legal advice and legal support;
  •  Preparation of all necessary documents in connection with the implementation of the protection under the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence;
  • Litigation before the Court and the Prosecutor's Office.