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Aviation law and compensation

The offices have gained experience in the field of international and European legislation related to aviation and its comprehensive provision.

  • Tinchev law firm provide services related to the consultation of large and small airlines and airport operators on a wide range of legal issues related to aircraft leasing, implementation of international aviation conventions and international transport law and the way get permition of using of unmanned controlled aircraft (drones).
  • Experience and routine in the field of aeronautics allow us to fairly successfully protect passengers' rights in relation to their compensation payable by airlines, in accordance with current national and international legislation on delays, cancellations and non-admission to aircraft.
  • The European legislator has set off compensation in the amount of € 250 to € 600 due to the traveler, regardless of the carrier's follow-up - providing a substitute flight, free food and drinks, even a free hotel.
    In essence, the right to compensation is determined on the basis of factors relating to the definition of actions or inactions on the part of the air carrier - the possibility of eliminating the problem and the circumstances surrounding the problem.
  • Under European law, compensation should not be paid for strikes, bad weather, irreparable technical reasons that have led to an aircraft accident or terrorist acts.