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military matters and court martial

The military is a citizen with a uniform, and as such holds also the many obligations and rights.Tinchev law firm /TLF/ possesses an extremely rich experience as follow:

  •  legal representation and protection of the servicemen of the armed forces to the the bodies of the military police, the Military Prosecutor's Office and the military court.
  • protection and representation of officers, NCOs and soldiers to the Supreme Administrative Court and the administrative courts of the Republic of Bulgaria in cases of illegal dismissal.
  • fundamental analysis of the grounds under which the contract is terminated for military service and that all legal requirements are met, particularly in the case of organizational and staff changes and in procedures for the conduct of the selection.

TLF has an outstanding experience in the full spectrum of realization of rights in or in the context of military service in BU, as follow: 

  • claims for payment of the due remuneration for overtime worked by staff officers, because they have not used their allotment is made after the holiday shifts, as well as 
  • cost of travel, subsistence and accommodation allowance money on a business trip or when working in a different place in the country or abroad;
  • participation in the specific condition of work;
  • damage to health occurred due to harmful conditions and
  • others.